There is no place for racism in West London. We recognise the impact that racist behaviours have on our patients is devastating. We want people to feel safe and supported when accessing care.

It is our responsibility to create safe, inclusive and supportive clinical environments and stamp out racism when we see it. We stand firmly together with our partners in being committed to tackling institutional and interpersonal racism in all its forms. We commit to listening, monitoring and continually evaluating our practice because we recognise that good anti-racist practice for our workforce leads to better care for our patients and our population.


  • We acknowledge that racism exists in our hospitals and we accept responsibility for taking action wherever and whenever it occurs.
  •  We will educate ourselves and encourage conversation; challenge ourselves and learn from our mistakes.
  • We will be considerate regarding the impact of our words and actions on others, and accept personal responsibility for understanding this impact even when it is unintentional.
  • We can do better and we will do better.


  • Our differences are our strength. By recognising, accepting and celebrating our differences we will become even stronger.
  • Through the networks we have developed, the voices of Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and patients will be listened to and acted upon and incorporated into our strategy and our actions.
  • We will strengthen our structures and systems, our policies and our procedures so that they remove barriers for Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues.
  • We will improve the care of our patients and excel as an organisation by listening to the voices of all of our staff, learning from different cultures and experiences, and welcoming different perspectives into decision making.


  • We shall be equitable in how we treat our staff and patients and in the decisions we make about them.
  • Our Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and patients will never be disadvantaged in terms of their opportunities and the quality of care they receive because of their race.
  • Our Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff shall have equitable access to career and professional development opportunities.
  • We will improve the representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff across our organisation, particularly in senior roles.

We will be allies for our Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues and patients and ensure they never experience discrimination or poorer outcomes due to their race.

  • Inaction, apathy and neutrality are not acceptable when confronted by racism. We shall stand together whenever we can as colleagues and allies.
  • We will listen, understand and empathise with the experiences of racism that colleagues may face.
  • When we see discrimination, unfairness or injustice then doing nothing is not an option.