Appropriateness in Access to Automated Red Blood Cell Exchange: Discussion forum for patients and clinicians to help improve access to care.

The Sickle Cell Society and the Haemoglobinopathy Coordination Centres (HCC’s) have recently distributed a survey to sickle cell patients to ask for views on the provision of Automated Red Blood Cell Exchange, whether it is acceptable and whether it was available to those patients requiring treatment. Now the questionnaires have been completed and analysed, we would like to invite you to take part in a webinar, where we will discuss the findings of the survey.

I. Sickle cell society members
II. Key contacts within NHSE
III. Key contacts within HCC Network
IV. AHSN Spectra Optia Leads
V. Spectra Optia National Working Group Members (NHS BT clinical leads and Terumo)

We will facilitate a lot of discussions around key topic areas such as:

• Informed decision making and talking to clinicians
• Out of hours care for Sickle Cell
• Travel and transport arrangements
• Barriers in attending treatment: pain, fatigue and the waiting
• Pain relief: the wait, under prescribing and overdose

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