Come Save Lives With Us

NHS Blood and Transplant Presents a Community Fun Day For All The Family!!

We are working hard to increase the number of people giving blood and we urgently need your help.

There is a significant need for more donors of Black heritage to help the growing number of patients needing blood.

Black heritage donors are ten times more likely to have the Ro blood type urgently needed to treat the 15,000 people in the UK with sickle cell disorder. Sickle cell is a painful and debilitating condition which is particularly prevalent in people of Black African, Black Caribbean, or Mixed background.

To get the best treatment, people need blood which is closely matched to their own. This is most likely to come from a blood donor of the same ethnicity. Yet only 2% of current blood donors are of Black heritage – that’s 19,300 people.

Join us on March 30th for a family-friendly event that promotes blood donation and features kids' activities, blood type testing, speakers, stalls and more. To get your FREE tickets now click here