Imperial Lates Romance & Reproduction - The Inheritance of Sickle Cell

Grab your gals, pals, a mate or even a date and head to the next Imperial Lates! In this Valentine’s Day and LGBT+ History Month special, science gets sexy as we delve into attraction, intimacy and procreation. Explore the mysteries of human reproductive health and animal sexual selection through thought-provoking discussions, workshops and talks that challenge conventional norms.

Drop in any time between 6-9pm to:

Sharpen your origami skills and create the perfect Valentine’s Day card for a nerdy loved one inspired by kisspeptin, our body’s own love hormone.
Join the founder of the Vagina Museum and the rest of our expert panel discussing the importance of increasing awareness of anatomy and eradicating stigmas around bodies.
Test your knowledge with a quiz celebrating LGBT+ History Month, brought to you by Imperial’s very own network for LGBTQ+ staff and allies.
Uncover the science behind sexual desire with a captivating talk on hormones that regulate our deepest desires.

Explore the fascinating world of same-sex behaviour in monkeys in Puerto Rico, shedding light on the spectrum of love in the animal kingdom.
Learn about sexual health from scientists and health care practitioners or participate in games that shed light on polyamorous sparrows or gene inheritance in sickle cell disease.
Immerse yourself in the beats of our talented DJ, enjoy snacks, and grab a drink from the bar to enhance your night of exploration and celebration. We will have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available.
Content warnings: This evening will cover mature themes and some content will cover issues around fertility and infertility.

Imperial Lates are intended for an 18+ audience.

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