Invisible Warrior SCD at the Imperial Lates Get to know your red blood cells

Please join Invisible Warrior at Imperial Lates: Tiny Science – Get to know your red blood cells

We are joining the first Imperial Lates of this academic year: Tiny Science. We will host an interactive stand where you can learn about the tiny cells in your blood, how red blood cells look in health and disease, and there will be a microscope for you to discover these tiny cells yourself! See how red blood cells are different in a person with sickle cell disease and discover how this disease affects a person’s physical and mental health.

*Imperial Lates events are most suitable for over-18s*

Explore the little discoveries changing the world with a fun evening of tiny talks, small stands and wee art workshops delivered by life-size scientists.

Highlights include:

From stricter regulations and recyclable bio-alternatives, to demonstrating human health risks, our expert panel discuss ways to keep microplastics out of our environment and lungs.
A new Higgs – what will the Large Hadron Collider find next? Learn how the decay of tiny particles produced at CERN could confirm a fifth fundamental force of nature.
Create your own cosmologically festive ornaments inspired by the detection of gravity waves with super cold atoms.
Explore the micro-scale science of how stick insects clamber up walls, and how this could inspire tomorrow’s medical plasters and wall-climbing robots.
Discover how atoms absorb and emit light to colour our world. Don a pair of headphones and join a dance lesson inspired by atomic spectra and the parallels between light and sound waves.
Contribute your breath to a balloon installation from artist Beccy Mccray and Imperial microplastic researchers looking at the health impacts of this air pollutant.
Register for Imperial Lates: Tiny Science to join us in South Kensington on 17 November and we'll send you the full programme of events at the Lates closer to the evening.

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