Sickle Cell Society Archive: Sickle Cell Society SA/SCS

Over a number of years the Brent Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre has been working with the Wellcome Collection Library to archive some of the historical materials amassed by the Centre since its inception in 1979

After many years of painstaking work archiving the collection I am happy to inform you that the collection is now ready to view and can be accessed here

About this work


Institutional records of the Sickle Cell Society, relating to its activities and organisation. Records include business papers of the Society, including fundraising documents, annual reports, project papers, minutes, correspondence, and other records relating to the running of the Society. The collection also includes photograph albums, publications, newsletters and audiovisual materials. There is some crossover with the archive of the Brent Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre, SA/SCT.


Physical description
29 boxes, 4 outsize boxes, 3 film reels, 1 videotape reel, 6 MiniDV cassettes, 1 VHS cassette, 11 DVDs, 1 CD-ROM, 202 digital items 801.81 MB


Sickle Cell Society