Treatment of Sickle Cell: Westminster Hall Debate - Pat McFadden MP

On 8 December, Pat McFadden MP is leading a Westminster Hall debate on the treatment of sickle cell.

To inform his debate, he wants to hear about your experiences. The deadline for submissions is midday on 7 December. Click here

Introducing the debate, he gave the following statement:
"Sickle Cell disorder affects approximately 15,000 people in the UK today, mainly but not exclusively, those from an African or Caribbean heritage.

"Many people living with Sickle Cell require medical assistance to deal with intense bouts of severe pain, known as Sickle Cell crises.

"On 8 December, there will be a parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall on the treatment of Sickle Cell. I'd like to hear about your experience, what you feel should be done to improve treatment for people with Sickle Cell, and what could be done to promote better understanding of this condition."